Today, seems as good a day as any to begin a challenge. Why not?

There is something I lose sight of so often in my days. I forget to stop and appreciate. Far too focused on myself and my stresses.

Recently I found a photography challenge article by Pixels + Wanderlust, the article titled 51 Creative Photography Project Ideas, author : Vinci Palad.

The challenge I choose? – ’30 thankful days’

I figure, my days need to be more positive. Especially as I go through a lot of them sort of my own.

Today, feels peaceful. Today I feel happy. The weather is cool and my tea is warm.

Being in my garden, listening to the sounds of nature. It certainly has a calming effect doesn’t it? This is what I am thankful for today. It’s a start. The breeze brings back so many different memories. Times spent in the beautiful Nyanga of Zimbabwe. The wind in the trees and the stream trickling in the distance. Time spent with family, friends, nature.

Yes, this is what I am thankful for today.

And if my day starts to unravel and fall apart… I will try my best to remember this, to be thankful again.

Reference: Palad Vinci (July 28 2019). 51 Creative Photography Project Ideas. Pixels and Wanderlust.

My New Blog!

Hello fellow readers. This is my very first post!

I am a young Zimbabwean. I am engaged to the love of my life but currently we are living through long distance.

I thought I’d write a blog because I love to write and I want to connect with others who may have similar concerns or life experiences or interests or anything.

My blog will probably centre around the many different journeys I encounter. I love photography too so stay tuned for a few images.

I hope this blog will allow me to express myself and work through life changes and difficulties and joyous times. Bare with me as I learn more about blogging, writing, photography, myself and my Jesus. It’s only because of Him that I feel I can hope.

Have a beautiful day readers